saltillo pics

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license plate

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i have car


thx tmbo (again^12)

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a new book for my wish list, the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster.

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Come to my house for a movie this Friday


Sick of typical holiday get togethers? Looking for something to do this Friday? Come to my house and watch a classic struggle of good and evil, the 1926 black and white Faust, by Murnau.

This is not the common Hollywood version of Faust, this is a classic. The musical score alone has brought a man I know almost to tears (in a good way). On The Internet Movie Database, almost one thousand people have voted on this and it has a solid 9 stars. It’s worth it.

Interested? Come on over. The popcorn popping starts at 8:00, the movie right around 8:30. Bringing people I don’t know is fine, as long as they’re good people like you. 🙂

address removed

What, you thought I’d know where you were coming from?

Holiday gifts will not be exchanged, though feel free to bring something to drink if water or soda isn’t for you.

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reading fun


i the boondocks to the sidebar links. 😀

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only here


11:00pm rolls around, i set the alarm for 5:30am. we have to be at the plant by 7:00am. i go to bed because i’m really fucking tired.

i wake up, jump in the shower and get ready really quickly because i’m late.

then, i look at the clock. it’s only 12:45am.

fuck. this hasn’t happened to me in a really long time. 😥

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what a month


yeah, t’is december.

  • we were looking for a house, but we stopped. we’ll look again once amanda’s back to full-healh. for some geeky reason, when i say full-health, i think of the little zelda health graph. full health and she can throw swords! but, i’m like that.
  • we were finally fed up with our apartment. on thursday (the 8th,) i was greeted by police and firemen after work. one of the kids in the complex set fire to some stuff in storage in the basement, smoking out our apartment. did i mention i hate this place?
  • so we moved. in december. last friday (the 9th.) many thanks to amanda, amanda’s dad (al,) ryan, sarah, chris, pat, and jeremy for their help
  • one of our neighbors said, “someone’s getting evicted” to her son. no, we’re just crazy enough to move in december. in private, pat says, “white people don’t get evicted, you get evicted. we get bad credit.” 😆
  • work sent me to mexico for a week on the 11th. wife is not amused, i don’t blame her.
  • the people i’m working with here are very nice. david, the main customer, has been an awesome host, showing us around quite a bit, taking us to awesome restaraunts, showing us customs, and buying us coca-cola.
  • new semester of school at OU coming up soon
  • two new nasty-ass projectes got passed down to me while i’m down here in saltillo

more when i get home.

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death by caffeine


thing says 120 cups of coffee to do me in. 25 grande coffees @ starbucks. you?

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coder request


anyone got any stuff already written in php that will search a string for img tags and replace (remove!) them ?

i have a page similar to this at work, however the way the ad-based images in the feeds work, it causes crazy proxy authentication issues. the site logos are enabled at home but not at work. the rss/php processor has an option for that. however, the content providers are embedding image advertisements into their feeds.

each xml feed gets processed and returned to be echo/printed on the screen for the user. before output, i’d like to remove the IMG tags.

i’m thinking i need to:

while loop to see if '{img src=' exists in the string
search the string for the indexof (stripos) for the first '{img src='
return the rest of the string, starting at '{img src='
search for the indexof(stripos) for the next '}'
using substr_replace, replace string between the position of '{img src=' and '}'

any faster ways to accomplish this? 🙂

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