i found an incredible craigslist deal on some network gear that kept getting more incredible as the week went on. i ended up with:

  • (1) Cisco WS-C2924M-XL-EN that has 24 10/100 ports and two gig fiber ports (GBICs) with IOS
  • (2) Nortel BayStack 450-24T with 24 10/100 ports and empty MDA ports
  • (1) Nortel BayStack 350T-HD with 24 10/100 ports
  • (12) 48-Port Patch Panels
  • (2) Cable-Routing Rack Panels
  • (1) Cisco Management Cable
  • a few LAN cables, wall jacks, and a power strip

Although the 2924 is dated, I set up some VLANs with it for use at home. I get to poke around in CISCO’s IOS. I’ll pick up some 1000base-TX GBIC cards and make my fileserver and PC gigabit. 😈

I have most of the patch panels and all the nortel switches sold or spoken for, recovering most of my costs.

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spam management


spam karma isn’t compatible with version of wordpress. i disabled it and started using akismet. it’s a shame because spam karma does a better job handling links.

edit: spam karma 2.3 rc1 (current) has wordpress 2.1 support. yay!

i thought about leaving both plugins active at the same time, but that seems silly.

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