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nothing changes


if mccain/palin win, nothing gets better
if obama/biden win, nothing gets better
if senators x,y, and c win, nothing gets better
if representatives a,b, and c win, nothing gets better

same game.  new players trying to play the game better.

change the game instead.

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black holes


all this talk about the CERN collider causing black holes and the end of everything as we know it reminds me of ren & stimpy’s black hole episode.

i’ll set this space time doohicky to our molecular wave lengths, throw it in reverse, and turn it up to full blast!  we’ll simply implode!

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jer says i don’t post enough.

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pics of late


i went to the firing range

father’s day

swapped my engine w/ help from my friends

amanda’s birthday.

ger’s birthday

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John Stewart on CSPAN


john stewart

..being interviewed about his take on the media.  Circa 2004 around the time he went on CNN’s Crossfire.  It’s an hour.  85mb.  There’s colorful language.

Everyone should watch it.  Lick here.  Might have to play it in VLC or install some codecs.

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