vows (mostly) done, check.

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bachelor party


last night was the bachelor party. rob, pat, dave, and my brother did a great job setting everything up. chuck insisted i wear a gold paper crown. thai dinner, spirited driving on the way to some kart2kart acti0n. later, we headed back here for some coffee, cards, and seth macfarlane cartoons on the xbox.. pat hung around until like 4:00am; we talked of the vows he’ll read and how buddah’s teachings just won’t fit here.

many showed, including goad, who dropped his plans while he’s in town to join us for the evening. 🙂 others did not; we hope to see you at the reception though. if not, that’s ok too.

i’ve got a great group of family and friends. i’m grateful.

once the japanese tourists upload their pictures, you can see them here.

thanks again everyone for your support!

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i know they’re illegal while operating a motorcycle, but does anyone know if you are allowed to use headphones (cd/mp3 player, for example) while operating a car/truck/van/etc in michigan?

next officer i see, i will ask.

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abby’s buddah has been fed… more mothers day pictures can be found here.

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we haven’t figured out who’s taking us to the airport on 5/31/2005. our flight leaves at 5:30am, it’s international (playa platinum plus yo,) so we gotta be there at 3:30am.

who’s got dibs on truckin our asses to the DTW?

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one world

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omg java…again


using a javscript that was linked from jeff’s site, i’ll have the weather icon fixed when i get home tonight.

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84 posts already?


i acquired a new (to me) motherboard today, from, of all people, pat. it’s a dfi az30-tl. the only cpu i have laying around for it is an older 800mhz thunderbird. now i gotta find some DDR for it.

ironic, really. now i’ve got the framework for a win2k3 box i’ve been debating building.

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jeff’s site should have a ‘www’ in front. otherwise, you end up with something like this

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$result = interview(v2);


i was corrected, i had a 3rd interview today, not a 2nd.

i was tasked with installing tomcat on winxp, which requires JDK or the JRE with additional components. i had 30min to do it now instead of 60min. they sat me down at the desktop and i got started downloading various components. however, i had no permissions to install applications, or run services! 👿

i had to pull the JDK directory from another computer because i couldn’t install it. i had to create my own CLASSPATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables and configure them manually.

since tomcat is written in java, you can run the .jar file from java /someopts

i didn’t do it all in time. i left that station and sat down with J2EE developers to talk java/jsp.

if they want someone who can get right in and run, they’ll hire someone else. the boss is out of town this week, me the week after. i’ll find out when i get back either way.

ed: although they seemed pretty excited that i knew some linux stuff.

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