Come to my house for a movie this Friday


Sick of typical holiday get togethers? Looking for something to do this Friday? Come to my house and watch a classic struggle of good and evil, the 1926 black and white Faust, by Murnau.

This is not the common Hollywood version of Faust, this is a classic. The musical score alone has brought a man I know almost to tears (in a good way). On The Internet Movie Database, almost one thousand people have voted on this and it has a solid 9 stars. It’s worth it.

Interested? Come on over. The popcorn popping starts at 8:00, the movie right around 8:30. Bringing people I don’t know is fine, as long as they’re good people like you. 🙂

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What, you thought I’d know where you were coming from?

Holiday gifts will not be exchanged, though feel free to bring something to drink if water or soda isn’t for you.

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