my anus is bleeding.


i dunno where i found it, but it can only be don hertzfeldt

fun with steak

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if only the internet could produce that tumbling tumbleweed sound


a story on NPR pointed me to a set of homes i think pat would enjoy, as he appears to pride himself on modest living situations.

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flying spaghetti monster


another option in intelligent design. i agree. it should be taught in our schools with the the rest of ’em


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yay, i can speak


found this while trolling the ars.linux site..

Your IQ Is 110

Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Above Average
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feeble minded children


when i was a kid, we used to play soccer. sometimes the games were held at the northville tunnels. i remember walking around as a kid being creeped out. my dad appeared to know quite a bit about it and gave us little tours.

kevin and i went on a bike ride down hines park when we were in middle school. we saw a dirt trail go up to the hill, so we followed it. before we knew it, we were in the back of the northville tunnels complex by the powerhouse. flashbacks to being a kid and walking around. relentless chills.

somehow, i wandered upon this page,

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up to wp 1.5.2. thank you drive through.

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boo? where you at?!


having a “313” cell phone makes for all kinds of interesting calls.

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08.17.2005 (wednesday) marked a rather large achievement for me. to quote dave:

That’s about all i’m willing to say here, those who should know more… already do.

so, if you care to know, ask in one of the 123423456345764578457684 other ways to get a hold of me.

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wedding fun


i finally got nate’s pictures uploaded.

i forgot about the big sombreros during dinner after the wedding in mexico. 🙂
hat fun 1

hat fun 2

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midsize cars


nice photochops…

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