what a month


yeah, t’is december.

  • we were looking for a house, but we stopped. we’ll look again once amanda’s back to full-healh. for some geeky reason, when i say full-health, i think of the little zelda health graph. full health and she can throw swords! but, i’m like that.
  • we were finally fed up with our apartment. on thursday (the 8th,) i was greeted by police and firemen after work. one of the kids in the complex set fire to some stuff in storage in the basement, smoking out our apartment. did i mention i hate this place?
  • so we moved. in december. last friday (the 9th.) many thanks to amanda, amanda’s dad (al,) ryan, sarah, chris, pat, and jeremy for their help
  • one of our neighbors said, “someone’s getting evicted” to her son. no, we’re just crazy enough to move in december. in private, pat says, “white people don’t get evicted, you get evicted. we get bad credit.” 😆
  • work sent me to mexico for a week on the 11th. wife is not amused, i don’t blame her.
  • the people i’m working with here are very nice. david, the main customer, has been an awesome host, showing us around quite a bit, taking us to awesome restaraunts, showing us customs, and buying us coca-cola.
  • new semester of school at OU coming up soon
  • two new nasty-ass projectes got passed down to me while i’m down here in saltillo

more when i get home.

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