rob has long complained that his hotkeys didn’t work in windows XP professional. i found instructions, i’m posting them here so they don’t get lost. i pulled them from this place.

Extracting Applications from “Application Recovery CDs”.

Well, the trick is to extract all applications from sony.pac archives on “Application Recovery CDs” #1 and #2. For that you’ll need to copy CD:\image\SONY.PAC and unpacking utility kcap.exe ( to directory on your HDD.

On C: disk make folder “sony”. Copy \image\SONY.PAC from “Application Recovery CD #1” and kcap.exe to C:\sony. Open Command Prompt set path to C:\sony type command “kcap sony.pac c:\sony”. All programs will be extracted to C:\sony with meaningless folder names like “0133101.SNC … 0129801.SUC” for each application. To see which application is in each folder open in notepad file \bin\SONYINSTALL1.INI on “Application Recovery CD #1”. There you will find, for each application, something like:

[Common Solutions for Support Agent]
text=Common Solutions for Support Agent
prompt=Insert your VAIO Application Recovery CD Disk # 1

Where “[Common Solutions for Support Agent]” contains application name and “cmd=0129801.SUC\Setup.exe” contains folder name it is extracted to. So, just rename folder “0129801.SUC” to “Common Solutions for Support Agent”.

After renaming all folders replace C:\sony\SONY.PAC with \image\SONY.PAC from “Application Recovery CD #2” and repeat above extraction procedure for other applications.

i also found this, it seems to be the short-version.

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