civic jury duty tomorrow. first time to the “1200 building” in Pontiac since i was a juvinile delinquent.

on that note:

thx tmbo

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you have been warned


you have been warned

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i moved all my “how-to’ish” posts to a new parent section and added one about sony vaio notebook hotkeys in windows xp because that process sucks.

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thx tmbo.


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geek par tay


the mpcon staff has finally worked out a deal with u of m dearborn and their ACM. mpcon XVI is slated for 6/16-6/18. yay! 😈

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suckyyou didn’t really think we were pulling out of iraq any time soon, did you?

the recent announcements about the lowering of troop levels appears to be a pacifier for the american public, stemming dissent.

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remote assistance


a nifty tool for you windows XP support folks, a way to offer remote assistance.

i use it often at work.

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swiss army knife of media players


winamp has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an mp3 audio player. over time, it’s gotten streaming media support, plugins up the wazoo for various formats, a media library manager, encoders, decoders, trascoders, and video. well, now with version 5.20 (5.21 current) you get portable device support. this includes iPods, creative devices (2,) and microsoft’s “plays for sure” compatiable devices.

i assume this will be the most useful to iPod users who hate iTunes (like me.) a caveot i forsee is for those who have DRM’d AACs in their libraries.

keep up the good work nullsoft (i’ve loved their intro page for a long time.)

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“i’m on my way home. i’m stopping to get sushi,” she says.

it’s already half gone by the time i snapped the pic. salmon, spicy tuna, howling diablo, and scarface rolls from nami in ferndale.

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