music streamin for you and me


at the request of greg and nothing better to listen to while working, i put a shoutcast stream back up. it’s electronica.  mostly downtempo but some trance, house, and clickhop.

the stream title is beatheads for a better america: rewirethepulse

people with winamp, vlc, itunes, foobar, xmms, click here.
people with windows media player, click here.

2000 songs in the list.  i need to go through my collection to add more.  i need to listen more to trim some out.  dave aided the collection of odd and independent music

maybe there’s something you want to hear?  check out the request page.

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playing w/ templates…

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moved webhosts. more disk. more transfer. cheaper. yay!

now to make sure gallery & whatnot work.

people should start ramping up on the new server as dns TTL expires and ramping down on the old one as caching DNS servers continue to ignore TTL

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how i spent my sunday evening.


upgraded to wordpress 2.2.1 and fixed gallery. damn open source software. 😡

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spam management


spam karma isn’t compatible with version of wordpress. i disabled it and started using akismet. it’s a shame because spam karma does a better job handling links.

edit: spam karma 2.3 rc1 (current) has wordpress 2.1 support. yay!

i thought about leaving both plugins active at the same time, but that seems silly.

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A day late, but we are not a dollar short.


It seems that our very own host, Nick, forgot to mention that he officially became one year older yesterday.

Happy birthday from all of us who didn’t remember to ask you for a timely reminder. Enjoy your week. 🙂



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wp 2.1


upgraded to wordpress 2.1. go team nick.

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i added a poll. i wanted to get an idea of who my visitors are. you’ll see it to the left, or under the Polls Archive

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that’s it. hotlinking images is disabled. 46% of my traffic this month is the image listed below. although, when you search for “right to bear arms family guy” my image is the first to come up.

Top 10 of 3762 Total URLs By KBytes
# Hits KBytes URL
1 960 2.54% 298763 43.06% /pics/right to bear arms.PNG

if your website isn’t explicitly allowed, it’s denied. it used to be open and blocked for big offenders, but i’ve had enough.

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