i transfered into oakland university a few years ago, taking classes part time.  after two more math classes (discrete and linear algebra) and two physics classes (calculus-based physics 1 & 2), i’ll be an official junior and can take 300 and 400 level classes.

maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

oh. crap.  there is that putrid stats class tho.  hmm.

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amanda picked up today’s mail.  i got a letter today, damaged by the postal service.  it arrived in a plastic bag.  they apologized for the machine that ate my letter.

a bit of foreshadowing.

my 401k statement.

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car shots


greg rode shotgun last saturday as a few drove around washtenaw county.  he managed some nifty shots of my car.  the rest of the set can be found over here

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notch in vista’s belt


vista’s boot repair is a huge improvement over previous versions of windows.  see below.

i had a couple 120gb sata drives laying around and decided to slap them in RAID-0 with my motherboard’s intel matrix RAID.  installed vista-64 with the normal RAID/AHCI driver diskette.  a 500gb sata disk comes back from warranty and proves to be faster than the two 120’s in RAID-0.  i loaded up my favorite windows PE environment (with associated driver diskette), mirrored the contents from the RAID stripe to the 500gb disk, and rebooted.

vista-64 wouldn’t boot, couldn’t locate some files.  i did get the splash screen though.  so i threw my vista-64 DVD back in the drive and booted from it.  once at the setup menu, i chose Repair Windows.  it found problems with the boot sector and fixed them.  i removed the dvd and it booted just fine.

had this been windows XP, i would have had to reinstall.  instead, it was running again within five minutes.

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portal prelude


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2008.10.10 is awesome.  breaks things down enough for everyone to understand. in the detroit area, it can be heard around 6pm weeknights on WDET or michigan radio

13 minutes into monday’s broadcast, interesting commentary on economic stimulus vs the bailout