i added a link to chuck’s livejournal. he seems like a popular guy.

ed: i used to have a livejournal at one point. i bailed on it for my own efforts.

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penguicon 3.0h


amanda and i arrived at penguicon 3.0 friday afternoon and checked in to our hotel room. from there, we wandered around and met up with holidave for a bite in the hotel bar. andy and katni joined also. 🙂

following the opening ceremonies, we attended friday night’s keynote discussion by Cory Doctorow about DRM and its impact on consumers sparked awareness.

sleep. nummy breakfast ala room service. perl lectures by nat. discussion about Hidden Totalitarian Assumptions in ‘I, Robot’. the rest of saturday’s programming didn’t seem so intruging, so i hung onto the coattails of the ars linux folks for a while. i hope they didn’t mind.

tired and bored, i went home with intentions of returning for sunday’s coffee rituals, high-availability w/ linux, and more perl discussions. however, i didn’t wake up in time.

lessons: i’ve got a lot to learn. i’ve got to pick a direction for my education and career. i figured out what i dislike about programming.

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A man walks into a whorehouse and pays a prostitute for sex. He contracts an STD and passes it onto his pregnant wife. Their child is born deformed and has a difficult life.

When asked if he could see the humor in the situation, the child replied “No. No I don’t.”

thx docah

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Your Linguistic Profile:

75% General American English
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Dixie
5% Midwestern
5% Yankee

thx ars

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with the help of a coworker, i figured out how to pick targus defcon cl locks 😈

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the state


i’ve started watching seasons 1 thru 3 of an old mtv show called the state

every now and again, when i’m strapped for cash, i like to slip on a skirt, slap on some lipstick, tie my penis between my legs and head down to the docks for a little hustling. the money’s right and it’s a helluva rush.

now i know what you’re thinking, hey on-air personality, isn’t hustling dangerous? you bet it is. and that’s why i charge a lot. it helps to keep the rif-raf away if you know what i’m talking about.

— on-air personality (played by michael ian black)

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geek weekend


amanda and i will be attending penguicon friday and saturday.

i planned on attending anyway. i showed the program to amanda and she seemed interested in a few things, so we’re making a weekend of it.

anyone else?

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oo oo ooo oo


who is the luckiest monkey in the zoo?

thx sara.

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three down

  • my right foglight lense took breaking as an action item. i bought some used foglights from a guy in canada for $80. dealer wanted $160 new. finally got around to putting them in today. i used to have silverstars for both headlights and foglights, modding a 9005 to fit the 9145 foglight openning. yes, i upgraded all of the electrical; a relay, fuses, power direct from battery, etc. i don’t like melting multifunction switches. anyhoo, i grabbed some coolblues instead. no silverstar 9005’s in stock. i wonder how different they’ll be.
  • during the winter, i drove over some rather hard snow (ice?) and damaged my right side skirt. damage wasn’t bad, some tree-snaps popped out of their opennings. i plugged everything back in. next weekend (i hope!) i’ll touch up the missing paint.
  • i finally adjusted my loose (as a two-bit whore!) sunroof.
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