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we went to a campground on lake huron for amanda’s birthday. here’s how it went down

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not the dreamcruise


it wasn’t the dreamcruse per-say, but the dreamcruise afterbirth. i took more pictures., they’re below the “more/section” as to not take up page space. people on dialup should cry. i also wrote my first photoshop action to save images for the web, but my way. 😈
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this past winter, i wrote a paper for my composition class about national security and civil liberties (Make Strange Bedfellows.) during my research, i learned about surveillance, what’s required to gain surveillance warrants, and how they’re different from warrants obtained for prosecution. there were other things, but warrants were most interesting to me.

either way, it came down to this: if law enforcement agencies want to poke around, they need a warrant. someone else needs to know about it, and it’s usually a (FISA) court. you can make the warrant request three days after the surveillence has started, but you still need a warrant. Over 18,000 surveillance requests have been made over the 28 year life of the FISA bill thus far, however only four were denied. the point is that another branch of government (albeit a secret court) was aware of it.

a federal judge ruled the wiretapping program was unconstitutional. why? no warrants were seeked. (see above)

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Dinner w/ the Kauls


My coworker Sunita asked me to take pictures of her husband, children, and herself this weekend. Amanda had a chance to try on two Indian outfits and I got to take pictures of her in one. sometime soon will be another shoot w/ the more traditional ‘saree’ gowns the women wear.

(blog image sizes are messed up, *cough*some people*cough* complained about them being too wide. click the images to see the “album”)

the 50mm f1.4 is a lot of fun. this shoot made me realize i could really benefit from a speedlight.� i could also benefit from attention to detail.� in the future, i will check for things like wiley hair and wayward necklaces.

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parting thoughts from a respected member of a photography forum i frequent:

…Tolerance is a word we all are familiar with, but applying this in practice is shown to be more difficult. If you are tolerant this means you sometimes will encounter stuff you don’t like. That is not the end of the world, you could just ignore it and continue with something else. However, it was a strange experience to see that a group hailing from the acclaimed Land of Freedom should be the first to show intolerance and put an end to freedom of opinion for others. So we are no longer free to follow our own creativity.

This brings me to ponder what “photography” entails. For me photography is the visual expression of the human mind. It is not a process of acquiring the newest gear, it is a process of being introvert and really getting to know yourself. What you really should do is analysing your own feelings and attitudes. Pictures don’t come as an unpredictable event in a random process. We press the shutter because in a split second our mind receives a signal of recognition from what our eyes communicate to the brain. All we need to do is to filter the chain of events to isolate these signals, and then go on to understand why we respond to them. Much of this process can be done even without a camera present since it’s basically is an analysis of our perceptions and mind sets. It is a pursuit of the intellectual sides of our mind. This thought process knows no barriers.

Thus, we respond in visual terms to stimuli exerted by the creative processes of our own mind. Photography will encompass all aspects of humanity and the nature around us, of which we are but a small and insignificant part. There will be bright and dark sides, beauty and horror, sunshine and nightmare. All of this are elements of photography. When your creativity is stifled by censorship, your photography will falter or change into the harmlessness of instant memory recall, nothing added, nothing removed, nothing personal, no expressions and no works of art. If this is photography for you, please feel free to continue with it. For me it is time to go on with more meaningful activities…

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i “wrapped” the odometer of my camera tonight, 10,000 pictures since the beginning of may. 😈

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shots from woodward


here’s some shots i snapped last night while waiting for ‘scripts at wallgreens. my lens doesn’t focus that fast, i’m new to panning, and i’m horrible about holding the camera still after 6 cups of coffee. 😆 some turned out ok though.

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