MPCon 24!



Our staff is busy planning the next MPCon and subsequent events.  We’re putting processes and documentation in place to make this event better and smoother than ever before.

  • July 24-26 2009
  • EMU Student Center
  • 320 people
  • some tournaments yet to be announced
  • you should go

I’m excited. 🙂

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before 5/1


yeah, there is a lot to do before 5/1.  (5/1 is still 5.)


  1. mount & wire a GFI box for the sump pump, thus removing more cotton-wrapped wiring and two prong extension cords
  2. mount & wire a box for home network rack (switch, router, server, etc)


  1. procure a gas stove
  2. replace electric range with a gas unit to free up a circuit for #2 above
  3. “while it’s apart,” install an over-range microwave/fan unit, which should include running fresh Romex for the range and microwave

study for finals.  a lot.

schedule and attend a cable-tv install

terminate cat5e runs on plates and a patch panel

recaulk the bathtub

get fitted for a tuxedo

4/15 – hopefully something awesome to hopefully be described at a later date

4/18 – bachelor party

4/19 – quick ‘mpcon’ staff meeting

4/22 – linear algebra final exam

4/25 – move

4/28 – physics final exam

4/30 – wedding rehersal

5/1 – wedding, speech, avoiding puking on rented shoes

5/2 – “relax”

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read this.


yes, it’s eight pages. yes it’s long. yes, it’s worth it.

rolling stones article about how, financially and politically, we got where we are over the last fifteen years.

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fisherprice my first house


yeah, we bought a house.  it needs some work and that starts this weekend.  hope to be moved in by 5/1.

  • 1929 bungalow
  • 1250 sq ft, city lot, full basement
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1.5 baths
  • den
  • small balcony
  • fireplace
  • omg shed 😛
  • newer kitchen
  • came with appliances
  • updated plumbing
  • half-updated electrical
  • new windows
  • new roof
  • half-replaced chimney

i haven’t taken any pictures yet. here are some from the listing.

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