happy easter.


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another fine comic from tmbo

omg lol

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No mistaking our right to bear arms 😈 <3 family guy.

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dollars and doughnuts


i’ll bet dollars to doughnuts he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

heard it before, never knew what it meant, until now.

Dollars to doughnuts means ‘most certain’ or ‘most assuredly’. It comes from the idea of betting. Betting a dollar to a half-dollar, for instance, means that you’re giving 2 to 1 odds–you’re willing to risk a dollar to win only a half-dollar. Being willing to bet dollars against doughnuts (viewed as worthless) means that you’re totally confident that you’re right, so confident that you’ll bet money against nothing.

The expression is also found in a number of variants, including dollars to buttons, dollars to dumplings, and dollars to cobwebs, each of these objects being considered worthless.

Dollars to doughnuts as an adjectival or adverbial phrase is first found in the late nineteenth century in America. The first explicit reference to betting is not found until the 1920s, in a story by “Ellery Queen”–“I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts Field played the stock market or the horses”–but betting is unquestionably the origin of the expression. (reference)

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Take the quiz:
what type of car are you?

you have xpensive taste and only get the fastest and sleekest. u like goin 3 times the speed limit
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(ironic it’s a chrysler too)

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comment spam


comment spam has gotten bad on my old/home server. 30+/day. jer has seen some

i couldn’t find a way to globally disable comments in wp1.5.2. it hasn’t been an issue so far on this server (wp2.0.2) though.

update wp_posts
set comment_status=’closed’, ping_status=’closed’

<3 sql

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make it faster


i have a webpage @ work written in php that has become slow. for whatever reason, the LDAP servers at work that i pull information from have slowed down or placed limits on how often queries can be made.

i have four functions that need to run and collect the data. it’d be nice if i could have them run at the same time.

threads in parallel. i want to execute all four functions at the same time. anyone know how to do threads/parallel processing in php?

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famn damily


Q: What do they call the alphabet in Arkansas?
A: The impossible dream.

on that note, amanda and i are headed to West Memphis Arkansas (2)for a family reunion in June. her family’s from the dyess area (2), where amanda’s grandmother went to school with johnny cash‘s older brother jack among other things.

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i enjoy strange things. most of you know that. anyway, a skittles commercial has been running through my head lately. i see it often on [adult swim]

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

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