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raver conan


funny shit. thanks chuck. 56k death

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power saving coolness


a few months ago, holidave showed me this fun application called rightmark cpu clock utility

what it does is allows you to “clock down” your CPU under various conditions. using holidave’s example, i had to add a pstate and i set it to 4x, 1.000v. i set everything below to ‘Automatic Management” and “Balanced Performance/Power Saving.” this allows my a64 3000+ (2.0ghz) to idle at 800mhz.

ED: your CPU and motherboard must support this. Check for BIOS updates!
why would i do this?

  • save electricty
  • quieter, because the cpu fan speed is temp-sensitive. when it’s 800mhz, the fan is basically not spinning
  • because it’s cool
  • the app spins the CPU up partially or fully, depending on the load (dvd ripping gets about 1.1ghz 😉 ). noise increases gradually
  • cpu (and fan) is full-on during games though because load demands it
when idle:
when under load:

those that think they really notice the difference with “speedstep” or “cool & quiet” enabled is full of shit. if you really need your equipment that “instant-on!” you got serious issues.

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dear god


not bad, or profane. a little tasteless. but huge (399 x 7673) none-the-less. behind the section because it’s omg huge
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rumor mills churning


jeff warned me that mpcon will have a 16th event in january (13-15?) i suppose he would like me to get involved again.

w00t! 😈

i’ve been looking forward to seeing what kind of looks i’ll get from gamers about my skittle pc (now with flash)

holidave and i will have to head out to lansing for a few cases of bawls again.

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quake 1 in winxp


i’ve rediscovered quake, the game that destroyed my 11th grade school year. i found a way to run it under windows xp. following instructions from planetquake, i installed the game, updated it to 1.06, installed quakeworld 2.30, and installed glquake. i renamed the opengl32.dll in the :/quake/ directory.

if you have quake, heres the files you need. that way, you you can tell fileplanet to go fuck itself. wait 45 minutes in download-line to pull 1.3mb worth of files? fuck off! anyhoo, install in the order they’re numbered. click here

to make it look pretty, i updated the shortcut to say this: D:/QUAKE/glquake.exe -width 1280 -height 768 -conwidth 800


probably have to pull down the console (~) and enable mouselook (+mlook) and crosshairs (crosshair 1) 😉

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lernin goin awn


i applied to wayne state and oakland university. i got the ‘acceptance’ letter from OU, ‘nothing’ from WSU yet.

tuition rates:

  • wsu: $190-224/hr +
  • ou: $202’ish/hr +

+ = taxes, licenses, destination fees, etc. so, $700-1000/class. ugh.

i accept donations. 😆

seriously though, i’ll apply for some grants & scholarships (hey, it could happen)

i have to pick a school. input?

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doom the movie


it’s nice to have neat friends.

chuck scammed me a pair of sneak-preview tickets to see doom, the movie tonight.

amanda and i met up with chuck, his brother, randy, and another guy and watched as ‘the rock’ attempted playing ‘sarge’ to his doomiest abilities.

quickie review:

overall, very entertaining. i thought it was much better than i anticipated. doom purists will be disappointed. special effects were well done.

when we got home, i put the tv on comedy central to catch the daily show. ironically, john stewart’s special guest was ‘the rock’ and his BFG to talk about said-movie to debut tomorrow. much fun if you can aquire it. 😆

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chuck, pat, a stranger (to me) name bill, and i are going backpacking this weekend in the waterloo recreational area. yes, it’s something we do annually in the fall.

i can tell amanda really wants to go with us, but it’s going to be a longer trip (8-9mi/day) and rainy. she needs her health, this trip might kill her.

a short trip in the spring is in order.

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athf & rc


it appears there’s no new athf until december, which is about the time the movie comes out.

no new robot chicken episodes until then either. bastards.

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