math joke


from a comment buried in a slashdot (people still read slashdot?) thread

As part of a psychological experiment, two single men, a physicist and mathematician, were placed in an otherwise empty room with a beautiful naked women at the far end.

They were instructed that they’d be allowed to close half the distance to the women every 10 minutes. Disgusted at the obvious subterfuge, the mathematician walked away in disgust. But the physicist stayed behind, occasionally glancing at his watch.

The experimenters looked puzzled, then asked the physicist, “You do realize, of course, that mathematically speaking, you can never actually reach the woman?”

“Naturally”, replied the physician, looking up. “But I can sure get close enough for all practical purposes!”

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kulhanjian reunion


mom wanted to put together four generations of kulhanjians in the same room.

there’s more over here.  for printing, high-resolution versions available upon request.

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725 posts?  wow.

oh folded paper, save me from the rain.  i think i found a new icon.  “300” effect.  bump 2 stops.  bump fill 2 stops.

our niece went to her first homecoming

The rest can be found here over here.

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