why school


many times it seems like i’m not learning anything useful in school, applicable to someone who has been working in IT for a dozen years already. at first, it was learning to program and learning processes, then documentation and workflow. now i’m learning some basic nuts and bolts of how computing works, which is neat but doesn’t seem immediately applicable.

i was reminded last month that maybe school isn’t about tools or skills but instead about access; access to explore new ideas and figure out what you want to do. maybe it’s about getting pointed in the direction you’re interested. maybe it’s about teaching you to think about problems differently.

i’m nearing the end but still don’t feel like i have a direction. i’ve been reading the acm and sigcomm periodicals for ideas and inspiration. some graduate-level classes look interesting but i’m burned out with school. although, i feel when I pause, i won’t go back.

the pause is inevitable as i follow through on a commitment to my wife but the duration is undecided.

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MPCon and GOF Part Ways


Because of ideological and fundamental differences between the MPCon Staff and Gamer’s Outreach Foundation, we have decided to go our separate ways.

MPCon will not be concentrating on fundraising or growth. We are returning to having events that are stable, consistent, easy to run, and most importantly, fun.

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before 5/1


yeah, there is a lot to do before 5/1.  (5/1 is still 5.)


  1. mount & wire a GFI box for the sump pump, thus removing more cotton-wrapped wiring and two prong extension cords
  2. mount & wire a box for home network rack (switch, router, server, etc)


  1. procure a gas stove
  2. replace electric range with a gas unit to free up a circuit for #2 above
  3. “while it’s apart,” install an over-range microwave/fan unit, which should include running fresh Romex for the range and microwave

study for finals.  a lot.

schedule and attend a cable-tv install

terminate cat5e runs on plates and a patch panel

recaulk the bathtub

get fitted for a tuxedo

4/15 – hopefully something awesome to hopefully be described at a later date

4/18 – bachelor party

4/19 – quick ‘mpcon’ staff meeting

4/22 – linear algebra final exam

4/25 – move

4/28 – physics final exam

4/30 – wedding rehersal

5/1 – wedding, speech, avoiding puking on rented shoes

5/2 – “relax”

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fisherprice my first house


yeah, we bought a house.  it needs some work and that starts this weekend.  hope to be moved in by 5/1.

  • 1929 bungalow
  • 1250 sq ft, city lot, full basement
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1.5 baths
  • den
  • small balcony
  • fireplace
  • omg shed 😛
  • newer kitchen
  • came with appliances
  • updated plumbing
  • half-updated electrical
  • new windows
  • new roof
  • half-replaced chimney

i haven’t taken any pictures yet. here are some from the listing.

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25 things


25 things about me.  tag, you’re it.

  1. i drive my second dodge neon, both second-hand
  2. i don’t like getting up early, never have
  3. i listen to public radio when i can.  marketplace(.org) is one of my favorite evening programs
  4. my job is challenging in many ways
  5. sushi is good
  6. i quit drinking when i was 16
  7. i hate going to the dentist
  8. we have 3 “indoor” cats.  i hate the youngest one. if he got out, i wouldn’t chase him down
  9. my brother and i got in many fights when we were kids.  i won once.
  10. i hated playing baseball as a kid
  11. i drink a lot of coffee
  12. i procrastinate.  a lot
  13. my arithmetic is horrid
  14. most of the classes i have left to take are math
  15. i barely graduated highschool
  16. i have a dark sense of humor and am tempted to laugh at inappropriate times
  17. many of my friends have moved away or died
  18. grateful for friends, new and old
  19. grateful for those who put up with me
  20. i’ve never had anchovies on pizza but i’m not opposed to it
  21. i don’t make enough time to play games
  22. i hate law & order
  23. i have everything i need and a lot of what i want
  24. i like taking pictures. friends inspire me to try new things with different tools
  25. i don’t have much to hide so ask if you want to know
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revert to an earlier time


“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

history rules.

E pluribus unum

give me back my latin.

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shh. shh


i love how quiet it gets when it’s snowing.

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a loss


growing up, there was a group of 8-10 guys in our neighborhood who would play, hang out, grow up together, etc.  i don’t remember much about these guys.  their personalities, what they looked like, what made them mad, and so on.  i remember snippets of events like playing football, riding bikes, watching my brother try to run away, watching hanna barbara cartoons and playing hide & seek before school.  eating breakfast.  playing video games.  beating jeremy in john madden football.  sledding.  smashing batteries with hammers.

jeremy duane rowlands was one of them.  he was my brother’s best friend.  he died this week.  “tragic.”  “sudden.”  i don’t believe we’ll know the details.  free press and detroit news will have some notices starting tomorrow.

by association, i got to spend a lot of time with him but grew apart as we grew up.  i never really had a ‘best friend’ growing up.  anything i did in the group was because i tagged along.  i was more comfortable staying home playing with my legos.

tonight, there was a get together at his aunt’s house.  i caught up with people i haven’t seen in ten years, their family members in longer.

“adults” were awestruck at the notion that these “other kids” were old enough to grow up, get married, have kids, and the like.  i suppose it’s like that when you see someone who was fifteen the last time you saw them.

personally, i hadn’t seen the guy in ten years.  i ran into him, he was behind the counter at the video store.

“hey, what are you up to?” he asked.

“not much.  work. school.  meh, you?”

“this is it.”

“alright.  good to see you.  i gotta get goin’.”

today i found out that he wasn’t much for words.  i planned to attend saturday’s viewing.  i didn’t plan on attending sunday’s funeral but after tonight i changed my mind.

you were loved by many.  you will be missed.

from the obit

Age 30 of Howell, formerly of Farmington. Died at home in his sleep on Sunday, December 7, 2008. Born July 1, 1978. Beloved son of Susan and Scott Campbell of Farmington. Cherished grandson of Phyllis and the late Howard Youngs of Howell, and the late Dorothy Campbell formerly of Farmington Hills. Dear brother of Erika Campbell. Loving nephew of Melissa Youngs of Milford. Also survived and adored by cousin Jordan Misaros. Jeremy grew up in Farmington where he attended Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School. He is a proud graduate of Catholic Central High School Class of 1996, and he attended Wayne State University. Funeral Service Sunday 11 a.m. at Catholic Central High School Chapel, 27225 Wixom Rd., Novi. Visitation Saturday 2-9 p.m. at Thayer-Rock Funeral Home, 33603 Grand River Ave., Farmington. www.thayer-rock.com

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just dont.


i generally don’t like holding babies.

don’t ask me to hold your child. seriously.

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hussied up


lim Nick = shirt+tie+slacks

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