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The way my jeweler explained it, it’s like insurance.
Six months’ pay isn’t much to keep my wife from sleeping around.

A diamond — pure, sparkling, natural, flawless, forever. The way marriage
should be but never quite is. People grow and change and sometimes want to
take their clothes off with strangers. So when you invest in a fine piece
of diamond jewelry, you’re not only making an investment, you’re making a
statement. You’re telling the woman you love that you’ve just spent a lot
of your hard-earned money on her. Now she owes you the kind of loyalty that
only precious jewelry can buy. Isn’t she worth it?

The Honeymoon’s Over: from $ 5000
The Seven Year Itch: from $10000
No More Lunchtime Quickies: from $15000
Divorce Would Be More Expensive: from $42000

A diamond is for leverage. BeDears

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