we are the world


using this technique for creating “mini-worlds,” i created a “we are the world” of a family panoramic shot from the arkansas family reunion trip.

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bored on a saturday


i went w/ greg saturday on a portfolio-building model shoot to help out. set up lights, reflectors, assist the models and whatnot. i didn’t plan on spending much time behind the camera, i hanged out and learned.

greg undoubtedly got some great shots (linked once he processes them.) when i wasn’t busy holding reflectors, moving fans, lights, or drinking coffee, i saw only one shot/perspective that was missed. i asked for the camera and took one picture.

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trick or treat


i dressed up as john wayne gacy for halloween one year. amanda dressed up as velma from scooby doo. we walked around the zoo for their haunted zoo thing collecting candy.

kids ran up to me for candy and wanted their picture taken. 20 something parents had no clue. older adults gave me dirty looks.

tmbo reminds me of the strangest things.

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people at work say some funny things over IM. i put them below the cut/section because they’re NSFW.

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mpcon.lan news


jeff pointed out that MPcon, a lan we’re involved with, made it to u of m dearborn’s front page news article. in the news article is a picture that i took. yay!

the image they chose still contains the EXIF data which still includes a link to my site. they didn’t strip it out.

Camera Model: NIKON D50
Image Date: 2006:06:17 23:32:21
Flash Used: No
Exposure Time: 0.025 s (1/40)
Aperture: f/0.0
White Balance: Auto
Metering Mode: Center Weight
Exposure: Manual
Exposure Mode: Manual
Comment: agitated.net

according to jeff, the article went out in a press release, the detroit freepress has the article here.

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shirt and pants for a wedding.

buying things that i like? not a problem.
finding something that kinda matches what i like while trying to save money? sucks. some people live for the bargain hunt. i hate it.

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dd-wrt sp2


image hosted from my router's control panel

dd-wrt sp2 is out. i upgraded. web-management interface didn’t work for me. if your router is like mine, you will have to hard-reset after the firmware upgrade. docs don’t indicate it but that’s what i had to do (yet)

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cacti on debian or ubuntu


moved to how-to

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: the dirty show :


an erotic art show called the dirty show has a september show this coming weekend.


amanda and i have attended the last few shows, entertaining time and interesting to people-watch. i ran into my’ish boss during the february show.

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this is not the game you seek


i saw a commercial or four about a new lego starwars game this week. it looked very entertaining.

looks aren’t decieving at all! this game is awesome!

i had a chance to play it tonight with a friend, a fun 2-player set up.

star wars screen shot

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