wedding shower


there was a pinata game.  the pinata was shaped like a baseball, but filled with sex toys.

nate ended up with it on his head.

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zombie walk detroit


i attended zombie walk detroit 2010, especially since it was happening around my job.  :)  there were 3-4 blocks of zombies walking around greektown, right around when the detroit lions ended.  there was complete chaos in the streets.







zombie robot

zombie robot? robot zombie?



there’s much more over here.

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cozumel anniversary trip


we went to cozumel for our five year anniversary. we took a bunch of friends and family with us. we swam, snorkeled, ate, read, toured, shopped, scootered, and relaxed.

highlight pictures below the cut.  rest of the pictures are over here.

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kulhanjian reunion


mom wanted to put together four generations of kulhanjians in the same room.

there’s more over here.  for printing, high-resolution versions available upon request.

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Amanda’s Birthday


Amanda turned… Old this month.  a bunch of her friends joined us to celebrate

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The 4th


We spent the 4th with Joe, Christine, and others, followed by Clawson’s fireworks.

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Al’s 50th Birthday

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some sunday


we wandered off to a tiger’s game.

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tigers again?


we went to the tiger’s game again after class.  alex bailed on us, heather and amanda took his place.  amanda’s never been to a tiger’s game before.

again, a good time.

rally steve

eighth inning

sunflower seeds

the rest are over here.

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tiger’s game


i went to a tiger’s game last week for the first time in a long time.  i’m surprised how much i remember of how the game works.

we tried to get down there for a game last summer but school didn’t work out for it.  alex, john, steve, and i parked a few blocks away and wandered in.

i set alex loose with my d200 and an assortment of lenses and a bit of an overview of how some things work to get certain effects.

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