cold-brewed coffee


a few people have asked how we make our cold-brewed coffee.  we make it a gallon at a time, you can adjust quantities as needed.  it takes a while to make a batch but you can make the second batch while consuming the first.  🙂

you need a pitcher, a sun-tea jar, a strainer, coffee grounds (medium or dark roast), and coffee filters.

medium-grind two cups of coffee beans, pour them in the pitcher, add water (seems to be about two quarts.)  let it stand at room temperature for 12 hours.  stir it every couple of hours if you remember.

after 12 hours, put your coffee filter in your strainer and place it on top of the sun tea jar.

pour the coffee concoction through the filter.  you can fill up the filter but it won’t flow outside the jar.  this is the slowest/hardest/worst part for us because we’re impatient.  pour the mix in and walk away for 10 minutes, don’t watch it.  repeat this until the pitcher is empty.  you can replace the coffee filters when they get too gunked up to pass coffee any more.


almost done!  use your fingers on the outside to gauge how deep the coffee is.  then add that much water.  chill.  enjoy.  it will be good for about five days but rarely lasts any more than two days in our house.

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I giggled.

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math joke


from a comment buried in a slashdot (people still read slashdot?) thread

As part of a psychological experiment, two single men, a physicist and mathematician, were placed in an otherwise empty room with a beautiful naked women at the far end.

They were instructed that they’d be allowed to close half the distance to the women every 10 minutes. Disgusted at the obvious subterfuge, the mathematician walked away in disgust. But the physicist stayed behind, occasionally glancing at his watch.

The experimenters looked puzzled, then asked the physicist, “You do realize, of course, that mathematically speaking, you can never actually reach the woman?”

“Naturally”, replied the physician, looking up. “But I can sure get close enough for all practical purposes!”

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senator clay davis


for my friends who watched the wire 🙂

thx tmbo

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Amanda‘s been playing Machinarium.  The music is awesome and peaceful.  It has to be since it can be a pretty nerve racking puzzle game.  I played the free demo through steam though.

Turns out, all the music is MP3s and they’re in the game’s install folder!  There’s a sub-folder called 11 that has a bunch of .001 files.

They’re MP3s!  Copy them somewhere, rename them to mp3 and play them in your favorite MP3 player.  I’ve tried them in Winamp, WMP, and VLC.

Of course, you could support the artist.

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Amanda’s Birthday


Amanda turned… Old this month.  a bunch of her friends joined us to celebrate

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The 4th


We spent the 4th with Joe, Christine, and others, followed by Clawson’s fireworks.

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Al’s 50th Birthday

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some sunday


we wandered off to a tiger’s game.

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tigers again?


we went to the tiger’s game again after class.  alex bailed on us, heather and amanda took his place.  amanda’s never been to a tiger’s game before.

again, a good time.

rally steve

eighth inning

sunflower seeds

the rest are over here.

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