i updated the root page, learned a little about photoshop in the process (i don’t know much.)

i would like to get a digital slr, and play with photography a bit more, but it’s not possible at the moment.

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c’mon penguin!


pengicon 4.0 is coming up in about 2 months, however, programming (1, 2) looks a bit light thus far. we had a good time last year, hopefully the $80-90 registration for both of us will be justified. we might even rent a room again this year!

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figured it out..


i began listening to wdet-fm about two years ago because i wanted to get plugged into what’s happening in the world and i’ve had enough with the traditional news outlets like ABC/CBS/CNN/NBC/Etc.

what i like about public radio is the the local news and syndicated news from NPR, All Things Considered and Morning Edition for example. i like the content syndicated from the BBC.

i like that public radio news is generally straight-forward. it isn’t generally sensationalized. celebrity stories aren’t that urgent. i get a snippet of what happened, a little of both sides of an issue, then the next subject. if it requires more elaboration, it gets a ten minute segment on All Things Considered.

i don’t think there’s a need to beat the “news” to death with 24/7 coverage like the all-news stations do.

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poverty, inflation, abortions, sand, and salt

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shine on down


we needed more light, amanda cross-sitches, mostly on the couch. 2-3 lamps with 40-60watt bulbs still didn’t cut it. the natural white lights were an improvemet in color, but still weren’t enough. free-standing lamps are expensive and our couch is in the middle of the room. cord-tripping ensues. i thought about track lighting, but we rent so nothing permanent is the way to go.

we picked up some “hampton bay instant task lighting” from home depot (i’d post a link, but i can’t find the product.) 4′ of adhesive-backed track, (3) 20w bulbs, and a wall-outlet. we also picked up a foot-switch because the supplied twist-switch would get old after a while.

20 minutes later, much better. we have the direct brighter lighting amanda needs for her stuff. i have light i need to read over on the side. power consumption is only 60watts and light-output (lumens) is much higher. two lamps are pointed at the couch and one lamp at the shell chair (where i’m usually found)

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support denmark


thx again [tmbo]
support denmark

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why i love my wife

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