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8 films to die for


playing at the following theaters in michigan:

Auburn Hills    Star Great Lake Crossing 25
Canton    Emagine 18
Clinton    Star Gratiot 21
Dearborn    LCE Star Fairlane 21
Lansing    NCG Eastwood Cinema 18
Novi    Emagine
Novi    NCG Eastwood Cinema 18
Sterling Heights    Forum 30 – Sterling Hts
Southfield    Star Southfield 20

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wierd al


white & nerdy

don’t download this song (animation by bill plympton)

thanks kev.

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a few minutes of wierd downtime** and it appears i have comcast’s powerboost (2) now. notice the download speed below.

** wierd downtime being, i couldn’t log into AIM or get to websites, but i remained logged into the network at my mom’s place throughout the last four hours

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dave, pat, and i are going backpacking this weekend. we had a good time last year. cya all sunday!

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i have a cat


fitting considering the previous post.

someone should buy me this shirt. they make a womens’ fitted version for amanda.

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no kidding


i have no idea whos kid this is

it appears choosing to not have kids is as popular as the reciprocal “you’ll change your mind when you hit 30″/”you don’t really mean that” questions & comments.

childfree anyone?

(links are at the bottom if you don’t like wikipedia.)

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neat service, bad coffee.


a reason to spend your coffee money at caribou coffee.. free internet for the 1st hour. any more than an hour? buy a cup of coffee or anything else valued at $1.50 or more.

solves the issue some coffee shop operators have where customers purchase one item and sit for hours on the internet. solves the other issue of the pay-to-use services like starbucks/tmobile offers.

how they validate said-$1.50-purchase is unbeknownst to me. however, a good idea.

now, if they could make their coffee taste less like cardboard, i’d spend more money there.

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picket white what?


i re-found a link about financial advice for 20-something year olds. interesting perspective.

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modulate demodulate


i wish i knew more about the messages in my cable modem’s event logs. we lost sync just now.

2006/10/10 16:44:26   82000400   1   Critical   Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance
2006/10/10 16:44:27   2242906119   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – Mac Link Down.
2006/10/10 16:44:27   2242905997   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – DS Link Down.
2006/10/10 16:44:27   2242906014   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – US Link Down.
2006/10/10 16:46:20   82000200   15   Critical   No Ranging Response received – T3 time-out.
2006/10/10 16:46:38   2242905917   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – Mac Link Up.
2006/10/10 16:46:38   2242905786   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – DS Link Up.
2006/10/10 16:46:38   2242905803   1   Notice   SNMP Poll – US Link Up.
2006/10/10 16:46:38   2242905723   1   Notice   SNMP_AGENT_COLD_START

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