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nick's site | 2006 | January

why else would i be up at 5:30am ?

i got a gift certificate last year and this year from amanda’s brother, a heavy gamer. it wouldn’t be appropriate to spend that money on anything but a game. i picked up WoW shortly after christmas. i burned through my 10d guest pass and my 30d pass with a couple more days to go.
for at least a few more days, i’ll be playing on the icecrown server. i have two characters, evilathame and prolapserage, spending more time on the latter.
as much fun as the game is, the free-time doesn’t justify the cost. if i can keep playing for free, i will. i’ve got $30 in gift cards to bestbuy as rewards for accomplishments at work. i might burn them on a 60-day pass, if i buy it now, i’ll have $10 left over!
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pickin away


i look through my webserver logs on a regular basis, it’s no suprise that my accomplishment post about picking defcon CL cable locks gets about 20 hits a month for search-string referrers.

today, my pager goes off and it’s an old coworker asking for assistance. the guy’s (we’ll call him joe) a supervisor in the company we both work for. i returned his call, joe said he needed to pick a defcon lock at work and he googled for it, returning my accomplishment post.

there isn’t readily available on picking this lock, my site included (lick here for specifics.) i don’t need a lawsuit. so joe asked and i gave him the trick needed to unhand his equipment. he hasn’t called back, i assume he figured the rest out himself 🙂

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of wax and bathtub


some indicated this story would be funnier than jeremy’s story.

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cats and bearded men

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silly hooded college kids using this quote..


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

–Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790), Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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if you haven’t taken 30 minutes out of your life yet to watch this, you should.

an episode of sho’s bullshit on the bible.

probably NSFW

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now with wordpress 2.0!

i’ll get around to tweaking my old template to match all this hobb knobbery. weather, webcam, adsense, etc.

most impressive is the backend/admin pages. you folks with posting rights will see. oh yes, you will see.

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i discovered another awesome online comic this month and added a link to my ‘entertainment’ section. it’s called ‘cyanide and happiness

probably nsfw.

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bout time


from somafm’s news page:

SomaFM is podcasting with alt.NPR, which includes “Groove Salad’s Taste of the Week” (copy that link into your favorite podcast program), a 5 minute weekly appetizer of new, rare and favorite tracks heard on Groove Salad. Or use this direct iTunes link to automatically get it each week. 16-Jan-06

looks like somafm and downtempo are getting a little more popular each day..

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image replacement part dos


i needed to do some PHP image replacement for a personal webpage i maintain at work. while researching the functions to perform the work, i found someone has already done the work for me, i replaced all the {scritpt}{/script} tags with {img}{/img} tags and that works.

some of the rss feeds have self-closing ({img/}) tags, some have the more traditional tags, ({img}{/img}). the lazy way to process was to break them into two different functions. one day i’ll figure out how to get them into one function for processing image-removal.


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