screwed myself


as many of you know, i work for a contract house, on contract to a large company to provide operational-level support. you may also know that i’m looking for new work.

i submitted my resume to another contract house a couple of weeks ago. as planned, i got a call from a recruiter wanting more details. however, since i am still an employee of my contract house, they won’t touch me. “give me a call when your project or employment ends.” no-compete clause in my employment agreement. needless to say, i am going to pursue getting that removed from my employment agreement.

however, here’s a few other ways to think about it no-compete clauses.

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do a happy dance


it’s sysadmin day so, uh, buy me stuff.

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doom trailer


doom trailer

will i see it? meh. maybe.

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hey, you’re just a fat kid


amanda has taken to calling scraps fatty.

c’mere FATTY!

i think she got it from that episode of family guy.

Lois: Peter, where’s Chris?
Chris: I love you She Hulk.
Security Guard: All right son, I’m going to need those two hams back.
Chris: I… I don’t have any hams.
Security Guard: Lift up your shirt son.
Chris: I need an adult. I need an adult.
Security Guard: You’re not a shoplifter, you’re just a fat kid. Sorry about that fatty, fat, fatty. Hey Tom, he’s just a fat kid. Aren’t ya fatty? He’s a big ol’ fat kid. Here’s some chocolate fatso.
Chris: Thanks.

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i got another toy.. a deal i couldn’t pass up, a fast fabs long tube header. it should be here some time soon, then off to the coatings shop for a ceramic coating. i’ll spend an afternoon at the muffler shop extending my O2 wires while they install it, shift the cat down, and trim some stuff out of the midsection to make room for the 4-ft long header.

with the cam/gear and this header, it should be a really fun daily driver! 😈

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Which is worse?


Which is worse?

Going into your backyard at 11:30 at night and glancing over a few houses, only to look through a window and see a naked man with a raging hard-on masturbating while standing up?


having that man suddenly look up at you, catching you “watching”?




morgage shopping sucks. my head is spinning.

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probably NSFW.

we were discussing the episode of family guy where peter says, “cleavland steamer” and i wondered what was on the outernet about it. turns out, there’s a wiki entry.

a subset of Sexual Urban Legends

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not safe for work


my anti-drug (not safe for work)
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johnny rubber


friigin wierd. thanks greg. sound req’d.

ed: link changed. click here instead.

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