blair witch
here i are. finally gotten around to updating content:

  • a lot of my energy of late has been directed at geeky things: mostly math, physics, and networking
  • i’m usually listening to somafm
  • tv sucks
  • if i had more time, i’d spend time with friends and take more pictures
  • i have the attention span of a cat if i don’t want to do something
  • i procrastinate often
  • i recycle non-renewable resources like metal and plastic because it makes sense. i recycle renewable resources like paper to keep americans employed


  • school: oakland university, computer science. ETA December 2012
  • classes: Discrete Mathematics, Databases
  • personal project:
  • domicile project: level floors
  • programming project: nothing
  • playing: SC2
  • reading:
  • recently read: kill whitey, atlas shrugged, the fuckup, philosophy: who needs it, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, moon is a harsh mistress, farnham’s freehold, rant
  • watching: american dad, daily show, family guy, house md, robot chicken, cleavland show
  • missing: the wire, moral orel, athf, boondocks
  • newest geek toys: network gear
  • newest car toys: fuck this car
  • self-learning: ccnp, multicast routing


  • email is nadams \at/ agitated {dot} net
  • i can be found on various irc servers. /msg me if you want. my /nick is slly. servers are,, or
  • aim: nadams5755. why? AOL. 1997. Brought it forward. Meh.

(updated 03.27.2011)