pager part deux



back on the pager rotation. ugh. but it’ll be higher-level. it should be less calls. it’ll be back to once a month’ish

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amanda took her car to belle tire for a slow leak in one tire. while she was there, they told her she needed:

  • new tires
  • lower control arms ($700 they say)
  • an alignment ($60)

ugh. why do they do this? the tires are a little worn but they’ll last until mid-summer. the car doesn’t have any clunking sounds or tracking issues so the lower control arm bushings are fine. control arms aren’t being replaced, saving the alignment.

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Nikulas What?


 Nikulás Shieldtipper

Your Viking Personality: You’re a fearsome Viking, but you aren’t completely uncivilized. The other Vikings make fun of you for that. Both your friends and your enemies think you’re a little weird. You might be able to hold your own on the battlefield, but you’re no “berserker”.

You might grumble a bit at the lack of amenities on board a Viking longboat, but you can handle it. Other Vikings consider you “one of the guys”.

You have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards life, and tend not to expend effort in areas where it would be wasted. Other people tend to think of you as manipulative and conniving.

What’s your Viking Name?

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A day late, but we are not a dollar short.


It seems that our very own host, Nick, forgot to mention that he officially became one year older yesterday.

Happy birthday from all of us who didn’t remember to ask you for a timely reminder. Enjoy your week. 🙂



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wp 2.1


upgraded to wordpress 2.1. go team nick.

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3am calls



wahoo. no more pager rotation! at least for now.

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i added a poll. i wanted to get an idea of who my visitors are. you’ll see it to the left, or under the Polls Archive

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welcome to january.


another mpcon down. the only difference is that i got the “network & servers dude” title. everything seemed stable except when some attendees overloaded the router and crashed it. it seems they want me to do it again. if so, i’ve got some ideas to make the network more stable than this time. (traffic & usage graphs)

school’s started. data structures in java, modern literature. the former may not be too much work but the latter will be a lot of reading. thankfully no long papers w/ crazy references, just exams, quizzes, and participation points.

the financial aid/student loan process bites.

family and friends are awesome.

trackmania nations is fun and free.

i have projects.. things i said i’d do but haven’t done or completed.

more later

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