quake 1 in winxp


i’ve rediscovered quake, the game that destroyed my 11th grade school year. i found a way to run it under windows xp. following instructions from planetquake, i installed the game, updated it to 1.06, installed quakeworld 2.30, and installed glquake. i renamed the opengl32.dll in the :/quake/ directory.

if you have quake, heres the files you need. that way, you you can tell fileplanet to go fuck itself. wait 45 minutes in download-line to pull 1.3mb worth of files? fuck off! anyhoo, install in the order they’re numbered. click here

to make it look pretty, i updated the shortcut to say this: D:/QUAKE/glquake.exe -width 1280 -height 768 -conwidth 800


probably have to pull down the console (~) and enable mouselook (+mlook) and crosshairs (crosshair 1) 😉

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