three down

  • my right foglight lense took breaking as an action item. i bought some used foglights from a guy in canada for $80. dealer wanted $160 new. finally got around to putting them in today. i used to have silverstars for both headlights and foglights, modding a 9005 to fit the 9145 foglight openning. yes, i upgraded all of the electrical; a relay, fuses, power direct from battery, etc. i don’t like melting multifunction switches. anyhoo, i grabbed some coolblues instead. no silverstar 9005’s in stock. i wonder how different they’ll be.
  • during the winter, i drove over some rather hard snow (ice?) and damaged my right side skirt. damage wasn’t bad, some tree-snaps popped out of their opennings. i plugged everything back in. next weekend (i hope!) i’ll touch up the missing paint.
  • i finally adjusted my loose (as a two-bit whore!) sunroof.
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