may day. houston we have a problem


amanda brought home bear, a kitten from my brother’s litter. a tailless wonder who got sick every time she ate when we got her home.

we tried smaller doses, different food, softening it up, mixing it with different things, no success. about two weeks into it, she was losing energy and weight so we went to the vet who found nothing wrong. the vet gave us meds and feeding suggestions. still no success.

amanda took bear to another vet for the scheduled kitten shots appointment; that vet didn’t find anything but gave us some different food and scheduled her for some x-rays.

x-rays would reveal whether or not the hernia was causing her stomach problems. a barium exam (upper-GI for us humans,) would reveal any problems with her stomach or esophagus. the former exam and resulting surgery would have been cheaper, especially when performed by MSU’s vet school. the latter would have been obnoxiously prohibitively expensive for both.

food we got from the vet was a huge success. bear would eat it up and not get sick. she gained weight and her attitude improved. she acted like a kitten again!

today’s x-rays were inconclusive. the vet also said the openings in her stomach may have been too small and would only get worse as time went on.

in spite of seemingly getting better, she wasn’t.Γ‚ if she ate too much or we gave her too much, she would get sick.Γ‚ she has to be fed every hour or so, a teaspoon at a time.

i hadn’t left for work yet when amanda called me with the results. i met her at the vet because we knew what needed to be done. bear needed to be put to sleep. the vet said he would probably do the same thing.

euthanasia is a three-part process; first they give the animal an anesthetic to knock them out, followed by a stronger anesthetic, followed by a lethal dose of a barbiturate to stop their heart.

we stayed for the first shot; bear fell asleep in amanda’s arms, we put her on the examining table and walked out of the room.

it didn’t take long to get attached to the little furry bastard. rest in peace. πŸ˜₯

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giveth and taketh away


i don’t mind entering contracts to get a nifty cellphone for a reasonable price.

why i have to enter an “unlimited” data plan contract with any provider to get $100 off the price of a smartphone is beyond me. these plans from any major cellular provider are an additional $40/mo, in addition to your voice plan!

to me, doesn’t make any sense to spend over $960 throughout two years in order to save $100. i suppose if i didn’t have the $100, this would “finance” it at 800% interest πŸ˜†

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our love is like


thx tmbo.

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first result from a GISover the past few years, i’ve gotten letters from a company called equisearch, asking me to verify my contact information. i was thinking, “they got the letter to me, their search must be working!” equisearch claimed that a company i was invested in was trying to get a hold of me. i brushed it off, until friday. i phoned them to find out why.

some stock transfer company on the west coast was performing investor relations for a company i was invested in. proxy votes, shareholder meeting information, etc.

i got my stock certificate numbers. all two of them. i found out what company i am invested in. the company has been bought out six times since 2001 when i magically acquired the stock.

the company, now called sienna technologies, is valued at $0.29/share. i have two shares. it’ll cost me more to unload them than keep them. πŸ˜†

turns out that on april 4, 2001, my grandfather bought some tech stocks and put them in my name.Γ‚ initial value?Γ‚ no clue.Γ‚ initial amount?Γ‚ no clue.

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amanda took her car to belle tire for a slow leak in one tire. while she was there, they told her she needed:

  • new tires
  • lower control arms ($700 they say)
  • an alignment ($60)

ugh. why do they do this? the tires are a little worn but they’ll last until mid-summer. the car doesn’t have any clunking sounds or tracking issues so the lower control arm bushings are fine.Γ‚ control arms aren’t being replaced, saving the alignment.

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A day late, but we are not a dollar short.


It seems that our very own host, Nick, forgot to mention that he officially became one year older yesterday.

Happy birthday from all of us who didn’t remember to ask you for a timely reminder. Enjoy your week. πŸ™‚



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that’s it. hotlinking images is disabled. 46% of my traffic this month is the image listed below. although, when you search for “right to bear arms family guy” my image is the first to come up.

Top 10 of 3762 Total URLs By KBytes
# Hits KBytes URL
1 960 2.54% 298763 43.06% /pics/right to bear arms.PNG

if your website isn’t explicitly allowed, it’s denied. it used to be open and blocked for big offenders, but i’ve had enough.

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There’s Charlie up ahead 2 clicks. I say we take ’em out. They won’t expect it.

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you will be missed



October 3, 2006

Age 25, September 26. Loving son of Lynda and William Sivy. Dear grandson of Geraldine K. Sivy; nephew of Nancy Sivy and Daniel Drake and cousin Cameron Drake. Also survived by many other loving family and friends. Visitation Wednesday 4 to 9 p.m. at the Northrop-Sassaman Funeral Home, 19091 Northville Road ( at Seven Mile ) Northville. Services Thursday 11 a.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society or the charity of your choice would be appreciated.

ed: found robÒ€ℒs myspace page.
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people at work say some funny things over IM.Γ‚ i put them below the cut/section because they’re NSFW.

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