people at work say some funny things over IM. i put them below the cut/section because they’re NSFW.

coworker 1… yea, I have a standing request to take the friday off though so I can get my cinco de mayo on, but {the boss} has not replied yet
coworker… otherwise, I expect to be in
vendor rep… yea I plan to be all liquored up on cinco de mayo too. I’ll stop by {coworker 2}’s mom’s house….wait in line to abuse her, dab off on the curtains and then take off for some more drinking..you know the usual.
vendor rep… BTW tell {coworker 2} the next time he leaves his wallet under my mom’s bed there had better be money in it…..cheap bastard.
vendor rep… The only thing it had in it was a “I Love George Bush” sticker and a 3 year old coupon for “1 free donkey show” at Juan’s Whore House in TJ.

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