amanda took her car to belle tire for a slow leak in one tire. while she was there, they told her she needed:

  • new tires
  • lower control arms ($700 they say)
  • an alignment ($60)

ugh. why do they do this? the tires are a little worn but they’ll last until mid-summer. the car doesn’t have any clunking sounds or tracking issues so the lower control arm bushings are fine. control arms aren’t being replaced, saving the alignment.


  1. Go to DiscountTire?

    I’ve had good experiences with Discount Tire. I bought a new pair of tires there. I just recently had a flat (last week) due to a rim-leak caused by corrosion. They cleaned out all the corrosion on the rim and replaced the tire with a higher-millage tire. The ones I had were discontinued. All this, free of charge. They do free tire-rotation for the life of the tires as well. A guy at work also said he’s had great experience with them.

    jefflundberg, January 30, 2007
  2. I forgot to mention, they told me that if I noticed any pull to either side, they’d do a free alignment as well.

    jefflundberg, January 30, 2007

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