before 5/1


yeah, there is a lot to do before 5/1.  (5/1 is still 5.)


  1. mount & wire a GFI box for the sump pump, thus removing more cotton-wrapped wiring and two prong extension cords
  2. mount & wire a box for home network rack (switch, router, server, etc)


  1. procure a gas stove
  2. replace electric range with a gas unit to free up a circuit for #2 above
  3. “while it’s apart,” install an over-range microwave/fan unit, which should include running fresh Romex for the range and microwave

study for finals.  a lot.

schedule and attend a cable-tv install

terminate cat5e runs on plates and a patch panel

recaulk the bathtub

get fitted for a tuxedo

4/15 – hopefully something awesome to hopefully be described at a later date

4/18 – bachelor party

4/19 – quick ‘mpcon’ staff meeting

4/22 – linear algebra final exam

4/25 – move

4/28 – physics final exam

4/30 – wedding rehersal

5/1 – wedding, speech, avoiding puking on rented shoes

5/2 – “relax”

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