25 things


25 things about me.  tag, you’re it.

  1. i drive my second dodge neon, both second-hand
  2. i don’t like getting up early, never have
  3. i listen to public radio when i can.  marketplace(.org) is one of my favorite evening programs
  4. my job is challenging in many ways
  5. sushi is good
  6. i quit drinking when i was 16
  7. i hate going to the dentist
  8. we have 3 “indoor” cats.  i hate the youngest one. if he got out, i wouldn’t chase him down
  9. my brother and i got in many fights when we were kids.  i won once.
  10. i hated playing baseball as a kid
  11. i drink a lot of coffee
  12. i procrastinate.  a lot
  13. my arithmetic is horrid
  14. most of the classes i have left to take are math
  15. i barely graduated highschool
  16. i have a dark sense of humor and am tempted to laugh at inappropriate times
  17. many of my friends have moved away or died
  18. grateful for friends, new and old
  19. grateful for those who put up with me
  20. i’ve never had anchovies on pizza but i’m not opposed to it
  21. i don’t make enough time to play games
  22. i hate law & order
  23. i have everything i need and a lot of what i want
  24. i like taking pictures. friends inspire me to try new things with different tools
  25. i don’t have much to hide so ask if you want to know
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