a lot goings on


i wanna start off by saying thanks to everyone in my life for being supportive of everything i’ve got going on.

yeah, most of you know i’m married now. three months of busy hell are all officially over, signified by me removing the countdown (now negative-days away) from my webpage.

the only tourist thing amanda and i did (among others) was the tulum ruins. otherwise it was time well spent relaxing by the water, honeymooning, or visiting with our family and friends.

wedding was in mexico. no beach wedding as we wanted, but it was close enough. pat did an awesome job with the ceremony. everyone appeared happy about how the events played out. most people enjoyed the resort thouroughly.

the wedding reception went off without a hitch. those that made it had a great time. i’m gonna assume those who didn’t are envious. chuck was our larger-than-life MC.

our grand total for the wedding ceremony, trip, reception, chocolate fountain, photographer, tips, license, destination fees, etc. was around $9,000. not bad, considering we didn’t have to arrange too much. the coordinators took care of everything. we could have done it for much less, but our involvement would have been much higher.

i have an associates degree in Applied Science Computer Information Systems – Computer Technology Specialist from Oakland Community College now. 1-2 more classes and i could get a “certificate” from the college. i want to take a photography class this summer also.

i didn’t get that job; which is fine. i don’t think i would have liked it anyway. now that all this is over, i can look again i guess. my current assignment is finally allowing contractor billrate increases at anniversary time (November for me,) so things could be turning for the better here.

i might bail on this whole Computer Science thing. I’ve got until the fall to decide. if i do, it’ll be an EE.

to do, in no particular order:

  1. find a new job
  2. get some certifications under my belt
  3. find a house we can afford
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