i know they’re illegal while operating a motorcycle, but does anyone know if you are allowed to use headphones (cd/mp3 player, for example) while operating a car/truck/van/etc in michigan?

next officer i see, i will ask.

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  1. In 1999, I got a “distracted driving” ticket in Livonia for wearing headphones when my radio was broken. When I went to court to fight it, because I couldn’t find a law about headphones anywhere, I was told by the judge that officers had a great deal of “wiggle room” regarding the distracted driving law, but had both ears not been using headphones (i.e. one ear had a bud-style headphone in, the other did not) I would have been fine.

    In Livonia, the ticket is a $90 ticket.

    By the way, Livonia police are not as pleasant as one would think for a relatively affluent neighborhood.

    jer, May 27, 2005

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