chuck’s bachelor party


we started out with sushi @ musashi in southfield.  after, we headed over to the comedy castle for some laughs.  jer and pat stopped for a burger king crown we made chuck wear for the rest of the night.  at some point, the comedian asked the crowd if anyone was ADD.  chuck answered, ‘yes.’
“do you have any problems studying?”
“no. i just graduated from u of m and am the commencement speaker!”
“well then.  what’s your GPA?”
“what?  the guy with the 4.0 wasn’t available?  larry couldn’t do it?  are you sure he’s not available?  do you think ADD is inherited?”
“you killed the joke.”

fun ensued at zap-zone with go-carts and laser tag.  we finished the evening watching shoot em up.

awesome bachelor party.  glad i had a hand in planning it.  it was fairly tame so pictures were safe. 

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