music streamin for you and me


at the request of greg and nothing better to listen to while working, i put a shoutcast stream back up. it’s electronica.  mostly downtempo but some trance, house, and clickhop.

the stream title is beatheads for a better america: rewirethepulse

people with winamp, vlc, itunes, foobar, xmms, click here.
people with windows media player, click here.

2000 songs in the list.  i need to go through my collection to add more.  i need to listen more to trim some out.  dave aided the collection of odd and independent music

maybe there’s something you want to hear?  check out the request page.

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  1. in songbird 1.0 (or newer builds), copy the link address and go to File>Import a Playlist, then enter the address.

    jer, December 11, 2008

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