ps2 device to usb port adapters


many new motherboards don’t come with ps2 ports anymore.  if your favorite keyboard only has ps2 ports, you’ll need a usb adapter.

with a usb keyboard or a ps2 keyboard plugged into a ps2 port, your keys behave as you think they would in 3d games.

with most ps2 to usb adapters, multiple key presses do not work properly.  example: you’re running forward, holding down the forward key and you want to strafe right.  while holding forward, you press your right key and let it go.  however, you stop moving.

my understanding about the issue is that the usb to ps2 adapters don’t emulate and translate the ps2 key presses properly.  the ziotek jobbie does.  however, it’s usually out of stock and recently back in stock.  you should consider picking it up if it’s an issue for you

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