notch in vista’s belt


vista’s boot repair is a huge improvement over previous versions of windows.  see below.

i had a couple 120gb sata drives laying around and decided to slap them in RAID-0 with my motherboard’s intel matrix RAID.  installed vista-64 with the normal RAID/AHCI driver diskette.  a 500gb sata disk comes back from warranty and proves to be faster than the two 120’s in RAID-0.  i loaded up my favorite windows PE environment (with associated driver diskette), mirrored the contents from the RAID stripe to the 500gb disk, and rebooted.

vista-64 wouldn’t boot, couldn’t locate some files.  i did get the splash screen though.  so i threw my vista-64 DVD back in the drive and booted from it.  once at the setup menu, i chose Repair Windows.  it found problems with the boot sector and fixed them.  i removed the dvd and it booted just fine.

had this been windows XP, i would have had to reinstall.  instead, it was running again within five minutes.

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