nothing changes


if mccain/palin win, nothing gets better
if obama/biden win, nothing gets better
if senators x,y, and c win, nothing gets better
if representatives a,b, and c win, nothing gets better

same game.  new players trying to play the game better.

change the game instead.


  1. Sounds like somebody didn’t do their homework.

    metallikop, September 14, 2008
  2. neither side wants to reduce spending. one side wants to pay now, one wants to pay later. the size of government is not going down, regardless of what any hopeful is campaigning. both sides want to control american lives, but different aspects.

    law makers are doing what they can to keep their constitutes happy: employed so they can afford the lives they want. easiest way to do this is defense contracts and pork barrel spending. when presented with the decision to reduce spending, they say no.

    i don’t know what the solution is but none of the current options seem right.

    Nick, September 15, 2008
  3. The game won’t change because both sides have a vested interest in keeping the status-quo. Any change that won’t leave them or their friends with fists full of taxpayer money will not happen. Sad to say, but it’s true for both sides.

    docah, September 25, 2008

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