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amanda’s car has been hit, undriveable for three weeks, in the body shop for two. hopefully we can get it back soon. we’ve been car jockeying and sharing; family members have been gracious enough to loan us their cars.

Our optional final exam for RHT-160 was attend Build-A-Bear. We were to make a bear for donation for students in alcott elementary in pontiac. inspired by mike, i made an inside-out bear, a first for this store’s employees. with its beadie plastic-rivet inside-out eyes and doctors mask to cover its no-muzzle/mouth thing, it’s a bit creepy. oh yeah, it’s got two hearts.

I named him Flip.

beng the slacker that i am, i missed signups for spring semester @ OU. classes i’d be willing to take in the spring were full. i’ll have to wait until summer registration opens. in the mean time, i’m taking an introduction to digital photography class at OCC.

i picked up a nikon d50 w/ a 28-80mm lens saturday and have been shooting oodles of pictures (300 in 2 days) with it. amanda has too. it focuses incredibly fast and activates the shutter just as quickly.

here’s amanda’s first picture with it:

nate bought a house and moved in this weekend. here he is in front of it. the rest of the pictures from saturday can be found here:

five days in tennessee and arkansas are coming up quickly, just over a month away. i can’t wait. 🙂

there’s more, i swear.

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