why else would i be up at 5:30am ?

i got a gift certificate last year and this year from amanda’s brother, a heavy gamer. it wouldn’t be appropriate to spend that money on anything but a game. i picked up WoW shortly after christmas. i burned through my 10d guest pass and my 30d pass with a couple more days to go.
for at least a few more days, i’ll be playing on the icecrown server. i have two characters, evilathame and prolapserage, spending more time on the latter.
as much fun as the game is, the free-time doesn’t justify the cost. if i can keep playing for free, i will. i’ve got $30 in gift cards to bestbuy as rewards for accomplishments at work. i might burn them on a 60-day pass, if i buy it now, i’ll have $10 left over!
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  1. No!!!! Another soul lost to WoW. Once the free play ends, can you resist paying a monthly fee to play? My brother plays WoW. Instead of going to the auto show with me, or a Michigan / Michigan State basketball game, he chose to stay at home and play WoW. He had to fight some dragon or something. Somehow that game sucks your life away!

    jefflundberg, January 28, 2006
  2. the truth is, it’s a fun game and i don’t have time to play it much. i’m not in a guild, don’t do raids & such, so i “solo” a lot. going “solo” gets old after about two hours (if i even have that much time to play,) so i stop.

    between work, school, and other social activities, there isn’t much time for WoW, let alone any games. i won’t be for-going these things to play a game.

    yeah, i can resist the monthly fees. 🙂

    Nick, January 28, 2006
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