i hate myspace


myspace is like internet circa 1996. lotsa flashy blinky lights, music (not so much midi anymore,) huge tiling backgrounds, animated gifs, and scrolling marquees..

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it’s now possible to put aftermarket firmware on the newer (v5/v6) linksys wrt54g routers. here’s the howto.

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“…Even before the horse bill, House leaders had been a bit sensitive about their legislative pace. The People’s Representatives have been in session for all of 80 days this year, and with 15 days remaining on the legislative calendar, the House is on pace to shatter all records for inactivity. The “Do-Nothing” House of 1948 was positively frenetic by comparison, passing 1,191 measures in 110 days in session….”

good to know priorities are in order. 🙁

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too soon?:twisted:

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