here’s the fuzz ball. amanda too.

when he chases the laser, he does this funny thing with his ears.

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life update


we adopted the third kitten in nate’s litter.. he’s a fiesty little bastard named howard.

i got a new job; i get to utilize my skills, grow, and have an opportunity to shift my career where i want. i’m pretty excited.

second wedding anniversary is soon.

winter semester is over. spring semester is under way.

referral sidework is coming through like mad.

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i hate programming exams/quizzes/etc. 👿

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first result from a GISover the past few years, i’ve gotten letters from a company called equisearch, asking me to verify my contact information. i was thinking, “they got the letter to me, their search must be working!” equisearch claimed that a company i was invested in was trying to get a hold of me. i brushed it off, until friday. i phoned them to find out why.

some stock transfer company on the west coast was performing investor relations for a company i was invested in. proxy votes, shareholder meeting information, etc.

i got my stock certificate numbers. all two of them. i found out what company i am invested in. the company has been bought out six times since 2001 when i magically acquired the stock.

the company, now called sienna technologies, is valued at $0.29/share. i have two shares. it’ll cost me more to unload them than keep them. 😆

turns out that on april 4, 2001, my grandfather bought some tech stocks and put them in my name. initial value? no clue. initial amount? no clue.

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light reading


modern litereature class puts us on target for reading a book every other week. i’ve already finished Beloved and Blindness (both links may have spoilers.) datastructures, not so fast.

light reading

well rounded student they say.

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pager part deux



back on the pager rotation. ugh. but it’ll be higher-level. it should be less calls. it’ll be back to once a month’ish

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3am calls



wahoo. no more pager rotation! at least for now.

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welcome to january.


another mpcon down. the only difference is that i got the “network & servers dude” title. everything seemed stable except when some attendees overloaded the router and crashed it. it seems they want me to do it again. if so, i’ve got some ideas to make the network more stable than this time. (traffic & usage graphs)

school’s started. data structures in java, modern literature. the former may not be too much work but the latter will be a lot of reading. thankfully no long papers w/ crazy references, just exams, quizzes, and participation points.

the financial aid/student loan process bites.

family and friends are awesome.

trackmania nations is fun and free.

i have projects.. things i said i’d do but haven’t done or completed.

more later

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I had no coffee yesterday and fell asleep at 10pm.

i signed up for pre-calculus and modern literature next semester. (ed: datastructures and lit)
amanda got into an accident last week. she’s fine, car isn’t. it’s getting fixed.

what’s the world coming to? 😆

that is all.

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WRONG:. FOURTY. RIGHT:. FORTY. “Four” loses its U when it changes to “forty.”


i will register for classes tomorrow. yes, plural. i will be taking two. if i want to finish my bachelor’s degree before i’m forty, i need to take more classes at a time.

student loans? oh yes, there will be loans. education reimbursement isn’t all-that-powerful at this education level


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