while her father’s (pat) is away in denver, we’re watching pookie, his ferret. she’s really energetic, playful, and very high maintanence. norman likes wrestling with her.

amanda has more info about her experience.

 we’ve taken so far. if you can figure out how to balance out the video clips, go ahead. they’re awesome.

Which is worse?


Which is worse?

Going into your backyard at 11:30 at night and glancing over a few houses, only to look through a window and see a naked man with a raging hard-on masturbating while standing up?


having that man suddenly look up at you, catching you “watching”?


signed under duress


maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.. but my employment agreement changed at work. i now get paid for every hour i work, which includes (finally!) 1.5x time over 40 hrs in a work week. considering the projects, it’s an opportunity to make some extra money.

drawback is that the salary part of my job is gone (work under 40, get paid 40)

it was dated 6/13/05. since it was pre-dated, i asked if i had to sign it to make it effective. my account rep said, not really. the fine print says that i could be canned within 90 days if i didn’t agree.

docah had a similar experience..