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ldap directories are arranged by types usually. people, organizations, locations, etc.

where i’m at, i saw this description for the “people” OU

Expanding base ‘ou=people,’…
Error: Search: Size Limit Exceeded. <4>
Result <0>: (null)
Matched DNs:
Getting 1 entries:
>> Dn: ou=people,
1> description: Directory Tree for Terran Carbon-Based Homonid Life-Units;
1> ou: people;
2> objectClass: top; organizationalUnit;

talk about an easter-egg. they didn’t even spell “Homonid” right 😛

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  1. […] more poking around in the production directory system at work, i saw this today. i wonder if IBM or the management know of it. Expanding base ‘ou=DB2,’… Result <0>: (null) Matched DNs: Getting 1 entries: >> Dn: ou=DB2,    1> description: Directory Tree for IBM DB2 Crap ; 1> ou: DB2 ; 2> objectClass: top; organizationalUnit; […]

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