she’s lump


with help and tools from holidave, and a garage, experience, and patience from greg, we did some work to my car this weekend. started out as a saturday event, turned into a weekend event. however, we got many things done:

  • lumpy cam is in
  • cam gear is in
  • head is rebuilt
  • long tube header is in
  • fluids are new
  • 2 motor mounts replaced
  • associated timing stuff is replaced

things i learned:

  1. 2nd gen neons are much better built than 1st gen neons, in terms of powertrain reinforcement
  2. there is no way to get a 1/2″ drive breaker bar on the PS and A/C drive belt tensioner. we used a crowbar to push down on it from the top
  3. with the exhaust and “meltables” moved or bent out of the way, it’s not easy to put the alternator belt back on
  4. you can scare children when you start an open-header neon. 😆 (quicktime req’d)
  5. the header will probably melt the coolant overflow bottle. we relocated mine to the parts box in the trunk and shoved the overflow hose into a 20oz mt dew bottle in the fender until i find a permanent replacement

the pictures start on page 7. i will take more “finished” pictures once it’s all done.

MANY THANKS TO HOLIDAVE, GREG, and DCX for their help and support

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