get out of my internet


turns out we get some protection against smut from the FBI. maybe the FBI has nothing better to do; weren’t we still fighting terror? didn’t we need resources for that?

Ars a good summary too, this is a good comment from their forums

If I wanna see pictures of women peeing in a guy’s mouth or taking a dump on his chest, that’s of nobody else’s concern but my own and whomever enjoys watching it with me. Nobody should care as long as none of it is kiddie porn. Once again the government is overstepping it’s bounds from protecting those that need protection to deciphering what it thinks is appropriate for our eyes and ears and is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

as jer would say, “YEAH! SHIT ON HER FACE!” 😆

where does it stop?

it’s not my job to keep your kids safe from obscenity. how about you sit down with your kids while they browse the ‘net. how about you watch TV with your kids. i’ve seen many things on “ABC Family” that are definately not family-oriented. how about you participate in the upbringing of your child?

you do your thing. i’ll do mine. i won’t go to your church if you don’t go to my internet. we can avoid eachother’s mutually-obescene things and nobody’s rights get stepped on.

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  1. But think about the children.

    Basically, that’s been the battle cry since 1995, since, if I offer to do anything on behalf of children, and you oppose, that makes you a child hating demon spawn akin to Hitler… shame on you.

    Which is why we should be shitting on the CHILDREN’S faces…

    jer, September 29, 2005

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